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Timespace Media places a cutting edge package of advertising into affordable interactive modules. Utilizing our proprietary software engines, Timespace can tailor interactive features such as; Post to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, Google+, email with a short message, vote via survey, and download mobile applications that keep the advertising experience with the consumer.


TIMESPACE initiated its marketing and sales process for IQ™ and TIME C.A.N.V.A.S™ products by presenting the technology in various conferences throughout the country, ranging from digital signage, television networks, and retailers.


The proprietary intellectual property developed by TIMESPACE is supported by exclusive partnerships, and decades of interactive technology experience. Our technology is rigorously proven for use in both indoor and outdoor environments.


TIMESPACE has a goal to dominate consumer engaged transient interactive advertising and free Consumer Generated Media (CGM) on public kiosks and wireless/cellular devices by providing to  our customers our premier, comprehensive advertising portal and global control infrastructure for consumer designed interactions and communications.


TIMESPACE will fundamentally alter the creation and distribution of, as well as interaction with, advertising, CGM, and market research by:


  1. Allowing mobile users to define the time, locale and nature of the advertising they will receive, when and where they will receive it, and on what terms and price;
  2. At the same time providing advertisers with the most highly qualified and defined targets allowing them to efficiently and cost-effectively create and distribute time-and-locale smart ads;
  3. Capturing of consumer information, thereby allowing advertisers to accurately calculate their return on investment for a particular location;
  4. Allowing content providers to package and precisely define their content for global distribution through the world’s most advanced expert system for distribution;
  5. Providing a network utility which allows advertisers to deliver time-and-locale specific messages on all devices through all mediums on a global basis;
  6. Allowing website-independent automated offer-and-buy transactions through reciprocal metadata; and
  7. Allowing web blog developers, organizations and institutions to rapidly develop qualified audiences and aggregate related content.
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IQ™ series arena/stadium kiosk



Adaptable to all conditions, both user and atmospheric. The use of environmentally friendly technologies such as LED displays and innovative production processes allow a reduced thickness, including our 3D display.


TIMESPACE delivery mechanisms can be utilized not only as a standalone interactive solution, but also through our comprehensive digital network, which can help advertising pay off timely and efficiently by reaching consumers where and when they are ready to buy—directly at the experience!



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immersive mobile media

im·mers·ive [ih-mur-siv]


noting or pertaining to digital technology or images that deeply involve one’s senses and may create an altered mental state: immersive media; immersive 3-D environments. (Source dictionary.com)


Recently, the Association of National Advertisers—which includes advertisers, agencies, media, and researchers—announced a new initiative to create a new measurement standard and metric for the interaction of consumers with advertising in an attempt to address the complexity of today’s media choices and consumer-empowered media consumption.  The objective is to develop powerful new ways of quantifying consumer involvement using evolving digital and interactive media, including marketer-initiated and consumer-initiated engagement with brands, products and services.


Yet while ad messaging and consumer generated media (CGM) is proliferating at unheard-of levels across diverse platforms, the impact of any single impression is eroding dramatically. In the shifting landscape of interrelated instant messaging, VOIP, P2P, opt-in mobile advertising, peer-to-peer networks, ROI analysis, weblog publishing and micro payments, a new interactive model of qualified and quantified mode targeted ad and content delivery is a necessity. At TIMESPACE we call this “Interactive Immersion”, a new and unique value proposition for our clients. read more…


TIMESPACE is well positioned to dominate this shifting landscape by providing patentable immersive ad and content dialogue infrastructure in precise time and space or conditional parameters. Our company’s patent pending inventions for “Immersive” time-and-space governed communications and interactions in media could prove to be one of our most significant contributions to this growing industry.  Fueling this conclusion is the belief that interactive screens can have a greater impact than traditional advertising