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HD 55” Digital Displays - Advertisers benefit from digital advertising because it fuses creative flexibility with cutting-edge technology, helping to deliver game-changing campaigns that get noticed and remembered.

High Definition Content

Compelling high-definition experiences and high-impact partner content ensures eyes are naturally drawn to the digital displays.

Image & Video

Flexibility to design new content or implement existing content based on the needs of the campaign.

55" Portrait Mode

Portrait mode advertising outside of the home creates a more natural way for people to consume and download information.

Player Content Delivery System

Our proprietary system delivers batting lineups & player introductions blended with the advertising to keep the audience fixated on the screens.

Analytics Measurement

Scene Analysis, viewer counting (impressions), demographics, dwell time and more.


All screens play the same content at the same time to deliver brand dominance throughout the Promenade, offering our advertisers the highest OTS (Opportunity to See).

Value Of Our Ad Space

Timespace has built its digital signage platform inside high foot-traffic walkways of stadiums, believing this to be the best opportunity to capture a fan’s attention and engage them with your brand.


Strategic placement, size, color, & luminance make the digital displays and your brand the most noticeable feature on the Promenade.

OTS (Opportunity To See)

90% of the stadium’s attendance will walk by a Timespace digital display. 


On average we estimate each attendee will view a single advertisement 8 times during a game.

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