TIMESPACE Media Group is a media solutions provider, focused on interactive advertising in large public, highly visible foot traffic environments.

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By blending interactive High Definition Video, Intelligent Sensors, & On-Demand Virtual Content on an expandable network, TIMESPACE offers one of the most innovative means of advertising for your Brand. TIMESPACE provides a premium experience and interactive portal unlike any other.

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Timespace is Growing! Follow Our Latest News.

"The Timespace solution is a new platform in advertising; there is nothing out there like it."

Gary Doyens
Casino Media Consultant

"IQ is a new media delivery tool that creates a completely unique and interactive fan experience at the stadium."

Steve Overmyer
CBS Sports

"The IQ™ platform is designed to enhance the fan experience."

Roberto Clemente Jr.
ESPN Radio Host
  • Timespace Launches at Marlins Park!

    Timespace launches its Player Announcement & Advertising system at Marlins Park, Miami FL. The prestigious launch took place on September 19th 2016, where Timespace debuted its live player...

  • Announcing Timespace’s Platinum Partnership With Samsung!

    “We are excited to partner with Samsung to bring a variety of new and exciting visual technologies to our media platform”, says CEO & Founder Dale Stephens. The partnership stems from years of...

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Client Services
Client Services

Utilizing a strategic blend for Brand Marketing & Media Purchasing, TIMESPACE offers a complete life cycle for your current campaigns.

I2 Interactive Intelligence
Interactive Intelligence

By combining sensor technology, strategic placement, and an algorithmic pattern created by your unique brand, TIMESPACE can give you all the tools necessary for success with your brand.

Data & Analytics
Real-Time Data & Analytics

Keep up to the second updates on specific data crafted for your campaign. Key sensory data points throughout the TIMESPACE network provide a real-time analytical snapshot & trend statistics.

Audience Measurement
Audience Measurement

Know your customers better by measuring specific parameters for the advertising experience. Age, Gender, Height, Dwelling Time, Favorite Preferences, & More…

Reporting & Metrics
Handcrafted Reporting & Metrics

TIMESPACE provides Intelligent Data Collection and Reporting, Automated Content Aggregation and Delivery, Ad and Content Delivery, & More…

Cross-Platform Mobile Media
Cross-Platform Mobile Media

TIMESPACE’s mobile cross-platform connections enhance your brand’s possibility of excitement with your customers. Seamlessly integrate Maps, Marketing Incentives, & More into our displays!

3D Interactive Multi-touch
3D Autostereoscopic Interactive Multi-Touch

IQ™ Universal Kiosk advertising creates an interactive portal with the use of 3D Technology Without Glasses giving the impression that the product is floating in the air.

Dynamic Sensors
Dynamic Sensors & Optical Recognition

Through various R&D partnerships, TIMESPACE offers a sensor technology that provides specific metrics based on your campaign needs.

3D Visualization
3D Visualization

Enter the 3rd dimension in statistical real-time viewing with glasses-free 3D vector immersion. TIMESPACE will provide 3D visualization portals to increase your real-time data consumption, adding 3D visuals to your analytical data.

MLB Ballpark Advertising

TIMESPACE is currently offering advertising opportunities for the 2017 season at Marlins Park, Miami Florida!

In keeping with the traditions of America’s favorite pastime, TIMESPACE has deployed a hybrid player introduction system that displays up to date, and last minute lineup changes. By integrating the onsite expertise of an expert in the game, with our automated media system, TIMESPACE has introduced a new mechanism to further enhance the fan experience.


Our Partners

TIMESPACE is pleased to partner with the following organizations. Our partnerships ensure we move and innovate to your demands.


We value each Client, and create individualized teams for proper SLA & KPI adherence. Each Client program at TIMESPACE is handled with a concentrated effort in planning and execution.


Success Through People

TIMESPACE was built from a handpicked set of professionals. Each member of our team has a proven track record, and successful career. Our talent gives us the ability to interpret and react to the shifting landscape of media technology.

Dale R. Stephens
Alex Greaner
Marketing Director
Seth Levine
Dr. Antonio Lopes
R&D Head
Dr. Naveen Goud
Analytics Head
Gil Janus
VP Business Development
Michael Levine
IT Director

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